Updated Notice: This company has now been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for it’s business structure that closely mimics a pyramid scheme. So don’t just take my word for it: Success By Health IS a Scam.

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In this 21st century, health and wellness products are in high demand. People are looking to be fit and maintain a balanced diet. Because of this, there are many Multi Level Marketing schemes in the health and wellness niche.

With more people looking to be financially independent, such multi-level marketing schemes became more popular. Some people have made a lot of money via MLM schemes and even quit their daily jobs.

Multi-level marketing schemes help affiliates earn by promoting the products and by bringing in more affiliates. They earn commissions or compensation for every product sold and every new affiliate that signs up. It is not easy to make money this way as you need to convince people well.

Many people have signed up for MLM schemes, and very few of them have found success. Generally, there is little or very poor training provided for the affiliates to make their sales, and they end up losing their investment. Such companies require you to make a purchase to even get started as an affiliate.

In certain ways, MLM schemes are no different from pyramid schemes, and in some cases, they are quite different. Both the schemes require you to recruit people, and you earn from this. The only difference with MLM schemes is that they also offer products you can sell as well as recruiting new members.

Any MLM scheme that is labeled as a pyramid scheme gets shut down by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). The FTC keeps a close eye on such schemes to protect the consumers from losing all their money.

MLM schemes are also network marketing strategies where people can interact with various people and sign them up as an affiliate or sell to them. Newer affiliates also get to interact with other affiliates and learn from them.

The internet has a lot of fraudulent MLM schemes, and one needs to be wary of such schemes. If you have come looking for information on Success By Health, a popular MLM scheme, you have come to the right place.

Many people will have this question ‘Is Success by Health a Scam?’ and this article will shine some light upon this as well as give you advice on making money online.

Before we start analysing whether Success by Heath is a scam or not, we will look at some basic information about the company and their products.

What is Success By Health?

Success by Health was founded in 2017 by Jay Noland. They sell coffee, tea, and nutraceutical products. Coffee has an addictive nature and hence will lead to loyal customers.

SBH is a division of Success by Media, which is a company that provides virtual training for online marketing. Success by Media was launched in 2015 after Noland Organo Gold and SynerGy.

SBH aims to support mental health, emotional health, physical health, social health, financial health, and spiritual health with their products.

That is all the information available on the website. There is very little information on their website about the founders and the company.

SBH products



SBH offers Ganoderma coffee that is rich in nutritional content. Although the coffee is tasty, it is not for everyone. There are some side-effects that a group of people experienced, and you might want to look into it.

SBH MycoCafe is a range of products that include coffee and tea in various flavors and blends. The coffee has gourmet roasted beans infused with Ganoderma and other herbs. Here is a list of products under MycoCafe –

  • ● Gourmet Black Coffee – This coffee has Ganoderma and other nutrients. Thirty single-serving packets come in a pack that costs $20, or you can purchase a pack of 30 boxes costing $560.
  • ● Gourmet Hot Chocolate – Their hot chocolate comes with a Ganoderma blend and comes in 15 single-serving boxes that cost $22.
  • ● Gourmet Latte – This is a black coffee containing creamer and sweetener in the mix. A 20 single-packets box costs $20.
  • ● Gourmet Chai Tea – Chai tea with Ganoderma and other nutrients that come in a 15 single-serve box costing $23.
  • ● Gourmet Green Tea – Their green tea is fused with Ganoderma and comes in 20 singlets box for $20.
  • ● Rooibos Tea – Their Rooibos tea also contains Ganoderma and comes in 20 single-serve packets that cost $22.
  • ● Gourmet Mocha – A coffee and mocha mix that comes with Ganoderma and comes in 15 singlets for $22.

They also have a wide range of nutraceuticals, and let’s have a look at them.

  • ● Aller-G-Stop – This product helps people that have allergies due to pollen. It comes in a bottle of 60 capsules for $39.
  • ● G-Burn – G-Burn is a fat loss pill that helps to lose weight better with your workouts. It also comes in a bottle of 60 capsules for $59.
  • ● G-Clear –  G-Clear is a product that is designed to help people relax. It comes in a bottle of 60 capsules for $39 or a case of 12 bottles for $429.
  • ● Fruit & Veggie Power Plus – This product contains vegetable and fruit supplements along with Ganoderma. It comes in a 90 capsule bottle for $59 or 12 bottles cost $649.
  • ● G-Shield – G-Shield provides minerals that help cells in our body. It comes in a bottle with 60 capsules and retails for $39 or 12 bottles for $429.
  • ● G-Drops – G-Drops help with nutrients and also helps to detox your body. It comes in a 2 fl. oz. dropper bottle for $29 or 12 bottles for $319.
  • ● Ganoderma Essential –  This product has Ganoderma in pill form and comes in a bottle of 60 capsules for $39 or a box of 12 for $429.
  • ● Life 120 – Life 120 contains a multivitamin that has all the necessary nutrients for a diet and even Ganoderma. It comes in a bottle of 120 tablets costing $79 or 12 bottles cost $970.

These are all the products available for Success by Health, but there is no proof of whether these products actually work. There is no certification, just an assurance by their words that they work, just like any other MLM scheme.

SBH Compensation Plan

Just like any other MLM scheme, SBH also provides compensation based on the products sold and new affiliate marketers that join. SBH offers the following compensation plans –

  • ● Retail commissions –

Here you earn the differences in wholesale and retail prices. You can either buy in wholesale and sell in retail. You can also provide affiliate links where customers can purchase from, and you will earn commissions from them.

  • ● Sponsorship Commissions –

Sponsorship Commissions are offered to those affiliates who sign up new affiliates for the Accelerator or Super Accelerator pack, where they will earn $125 and $400, respectively.

  • ● Residual Commissions –

Residual Commissions are earned from the tier of affiliates associated with you. Various levels of affiliates can be added below you, and you earn based on their earning as well. The earning percentage increases based on their levels as well.

Feel free to watch this video from success by health more than likely over sell their compensation plan.

Is Success By Health a scam?

SBH does follow all the steps of being an MLM scheme and has made a lot of money ever since its launch in 2017. Before you go about investing in any MLM, you need to research thoroughly about it.

Here are some common factors to help you decide whether SBH is a scam –

  • ● Does it offer good products for sale?
  • ● Are there any good reviews and legit information about the background of the company or founder?
  • ● Do they offer compensation plans and other bonuses?

SBH has very little information about the founders on their website. There does not seem any reason to hide this info unless they believe the company is shady.

However, in January this year, the FTC declared SBH as a pyramid scheme and has ordered a halt on its operations until the case gets cleared.

Around 20 years ago, Noland and his peers were charged with operating a pyramid scheme under the online shopping niche. A court order was imposed on Noland in 2002, barring him from participating in further pyramid schemes and various other restrictions.

The FTC declared that the SBH business structure is designed to ensure that affiliates lose more money no matter how much they invest. The SBH is also charged with making false claims trying to bring in more affiliates.

So SBH is just another pyramid scheme that is disguised as an MLM scheme, and you should be wary of such schemes.

In the next section, I will talk about assured ways to money online. If done right, you can actually quit your daily job and survive on your passive income and fulfill all your dreams.

If you are still set on MLM and are looking for a slightly better company then have a read at my review on Unicity.

My Recommendation for earning online

With the internet becoming quite popular, various methods of earning online came out, but none of them guaranteed any earnings. There are numerous fraudulent schemes and programs as well that lure in the entrepreneurs or the ones looking to earn some money.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that will help you set up a blog that can help you earn commissions for the products you wish to promote. It provides a course that helps you set up your blog and increase incoming traffic.

WA has free as well as monthly or yearly premium membership that has various tools integrated, which will help polish your website. One main feature that is available even in the free membership is access to an active community that enables you to network with various affiliate marketers and share the knowledge.

Their community is active round the clock with a live chat platform, and upon this, there are weekly webinars on important topics that educate affiliate marketers apart from the training material they receive.

WA is an affiliate marketing website of its own. It provides various tools for different purposes and also charges a minimal amount for the premium membership.

WA provides various tools that can help you set up and run your own blog. They provide a keyword research tool named Jaaxy. They also have a web hosting service that charges as little as $3 per website and has no limit on the number of websites that you can host.

The negative remarks that WA has received are from people who expected to get rich soon with this platform and those who have not personally tried this platform. People tend to assume and be suspicious about any method of making money online.

The main mistakes that newer affiliates make is not dedicating enough time and hard work in setting up the blog and being patient. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it takes a considerable amount of time before you can earn a steady income.

Building your own blog is not an easy task; you cannot expect to get rich immediately. You need to invite tons of traffic to be able to earn anything from commissions and ads posted on the website.


Just because many people claim to earn money from MLM schemes, you need not try it out and waste your time and money.

It’s better you rather invest in WA and learn some knowledge to make money by yourself. You will be taught how to make money via affiliate marketing, and you need to follow these steps carefully and network with other successful affiliate marketers.

However, before you join any scheme or affiliate marketing platform, do your own research and then decide and don’t feel like you need to just take my word on it.

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