Stampin Up Distributor - Review

Today this post is going to be stepping away from the usual reviews of health and wellness type multi level marketing companies. I’m going to be looking into how profitable becoming a distributor for the interesting MLM of Stampin’ UP can be.

Stampin’ Up is a multi level marketing company that promotes arts and crafts by selling various products primarily focused on crafting cards.

This company is far different from any other MLM i have reviewed and it’s good to finally see a company doing something a bit different. But the main question is

“Will you make money by becoming a Stampin’ Up distributor?”

This post is going to cover Stampin’ Up in detail, to discover how exactly the company operates and if it is possible for you to make any money by signing up to become a distributor.

Stampin Up Summary

Price to Join: $99

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Would i Recommend: No if you are looking to earn some extra money but yes if you are looking for unique and cheap crafting materials.

Summary of product: Stampin’ Up is an example of an ethical and successful MLM company that has been operating since 1988.

They sell crafting materials to make cards and promote the hosting of parties where you can socialise with friends while making cards.

Like all MLM companies it is extremely difficult to make any moeny and Stampin’ Up is no different.

However, I would recommend joing as a distributor if you are interested in receiving  $120 worth of crafting products for only $99 to make your own unique cards.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to this company and provide these articles for your educational only. All information is written following thorough research into the company.  

What is Stampin' Up?

Stampin’ Up is a multi level marketing or MLM company that sells various crafting supplies primarily for making cards.

MLM companies operate by recruiting distributors to market and sell their products, recruit new distributors where they can earn commissions in the process.

Stampin’ Up was founded by sisters in 1988 and their headquarters is now situated in a state of the art building in Riverton, Utah.

Shelli Gardner the owner of Stampin’ Up is extremely passionate about the business to give people the opportunity to come together to craft with the opportunity to start a business in the process. reports the Stampin Up’ revenue to be as much as $127 million and employs 500 staff outwith their independent distributors.

There are currently around 50,000 demonstrators registered that host parties, sell crafted cards and look to recruit new distributors to earn commissions on sales.

The company has been in operation for over 25 years and now operates in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the UK.

It is very rare for an MLM company to run for this length of time due to the majority selling overpriced and low quality products so it is clear that this company is doing something right.

It seems that Stampin’ Up are an extremely successful company within the card crafting niche.

But does that mean you will be able to earn money as a distributor? Lets take a look at how you can make money.

How do you make money as a Stampin' Up Distributor?

Stampin’ Up allows you to earn money in the same way as any other multi level marketing company.

By promoting and selling their products you can earn commissions for every sale that you make.

By recruiting other distributors to create a personal sales team you can gain money from any purchases that they make through commissions.

There is potential to also earn small commissions from further members they recruit within their team.

You can also create your own products using the supplies available from Stampin’ Up which you can sell for a slight mark up to make some extra money.

Another way  promoted for you to make money is to host crafting parties where you can invite friends and family to craft cards together. I’ll give you some more information on these parties and how you can make money from them soon.

In basic terms commissions can be earned in three ways;

  • Instant or deferred commission of between 20-25%
  • Monthly Volume Rebates of 4-13% of total monthly sales
  • Monthly team commissions of 1-6.5% of recruits sales

Compensation Plan

Like all MLM companies a compensation plan is always available that details how you can qualify for commissions and how much you can possible make.

To give you an idea of how challenging it will be to start earning money as a Stampin’ Up distributor i’ll provide a more in-depth overview of the compensation plan.

First of all Stampin’ Up will cost you $99 dollars to become a distributor where you can then choose $125 worth of any products available.

This price also includes the business supplies pack containing a few materials you’ll need to start your business.

Commissionable Sales Volume (CSV) is used to track commission sales which is tracked automatically through the ordering system.

8 levels are available in the Stampin’ Up commission plan that you will increase through if your CSV begins increasing.

Stampin' Up Distributor - Commision Ranks

As you progress ranks from bronze to bronze elite and above you commissions will increase from 20% to 25% which isn’t a great increase to be honest for a lot more work.

There is also opportunity to receive volume rebates which  is calculated relative to your monthly sales CSV. Once you reach over 600 CSV (which is no easy task) you will start to receive percentage returns on the money spent. This can be seen below.

The next way you can earn money through Stampin’ Up is by recruiting and leading a team of distributors. By doing so you can earn commissions from the products these distributors sell and also potentially commissions from people they have recruited as well.

To qualify for these down line commissions though you need to have extremely high CSV which will be extremely hard to achieve.

Compensation Plan Summary

By signing up as a distributor with Stampin’ Up there is many ways you can earn a small commission on sales. There seems to be nothing special in this compensation plan that would indicate that you are going to make substantial money.

With all MLM’s you are required to make many sales to progress to each level and see higher commissions paid.

To become a bronze demonstrator and earn any money at all you need to sell 300 CSV a quarter which amounts to around $453. This means you would only make $90 a quarter if you met this quota. Not a lot at all.

If you want to progress to even one stage up you will need to hit a CSV of around $680 to see $170 a quarter.

That amounts to $680 a year! If you really want to earn a lot of money with this company it is going to take a LOT of effort.

You can read the full compensation plan for more info.


Hosting Parties

Something that differs greatly from other multi level marketing companies is that you are promoted to host parties.

By hosting parties you can socialise with friends friends while making cards. By charging a small fee you can order supplies to provide to people attending and also make a small profit.

There is plenty of resources available on the website that can guide you through how to organise and host a party but this is no easy task.

Many hours have to be put into preparing for the party where the chances of earning substantial income are extremely slim.


How Much Does it Cost?

As stated previously it will cost you $99 to start becoming a distributor for Stampin’ Up.

Unlike other MLM companies Staampin’ Up is not pushy at all and seems to have a relaxed attitude towards how much you sell to others if you even want to sell at all.

Many people sign up as a distributor purely because they love the unique products available and want to receive monthly deliveries for their own crafting.

By paying this $99 you will receive $125 worth of products so this is definitely worth it if you are looking to make cards but you are not interested in starting a business.

Distributor and Customer Reviews

The first review I checked was the “Better Business Bureau” where Stampin’ Up have received a rating of A+ which is extremely rare for an MLM company.

Across all the customer and distributor review i could find it seems like everyone loves the unique products available and the opportunity to socialise and craft with friends.

It seems like a lot of people sign up just to receive products and don’t use it as an opportunity to make money;

It is clear that this company is definitely trustworthy with great products but no one seems to be making any substantial income.

Is Stampin' Up a Scam?

No Stampin’ Up is far from a scam and actually resembles one of the better multi level marketing companies available today.

This isn’t because a lot of people make thousands per month but because it is run by a passionate individual in an ethical manner with the hope of bringing people together to socialise through crafts.

It seems that the business opportunity is portrayed as an added bonus. Unlike other MLM they don’t make false promises or sell you a dream of making thousands.

Should you join Stampin Up?

If you are looking to make some substantial income then the answer is going to have to be NO!

Although Stampin’ Up is a decent example of an MLM company  the chances to make money are extremely slim.

With all MLM’s a lot of work is required to break even and massive profits are only an option for a very select few.

This report posted on the FTC website indicates that as much as 98% of people fail when attempting to start an MLM business.

So be very wary if you are considering signing up to Stampin’ Up to earn some extra money.

On the other hand i would definitely recommend signing up as a distributor of Stampin’ Up if you enjoy crafting cards in your free time and are looking for unique and discounted crafting items.

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