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With dozens of sports betting software circulating on the internet, comes the need to scrutinise every seemingly good matched betting software before settling on any specific provider.

Since you are here, it means that you know the importance of conducting proper research before settling on a match betting software and that’s exactly what I have provided in this in-depth Profit Squirrel Review.

So congratulations; you are one step closer to finding the best software for your daily betting needs. As there are no shortages of pretentious matched betting software on the internet, I have gone all-out to break down everything you need to know about Profit Squirrel.

As a matched betting software, Profit squirrel stands out among it’s peers. That’s probably why many sports betting enthusiasts are wondering whether Profit squirrel is operating a scheme to rob them of their investment or a genuine business that is worth investing in to see sizeable returns from calculated matched betting.

Within a very short time, profit squirrel has gathered a lot of attention and has become the subject of many matched betting discussions. So, you may have a point for thinking that they are too good to be true. But is it a scam?

Well, you’ll know soon enough.

What exactly is matched betting?

Before we power through and dive in detail into what Profit Squirrel is it’s beneficial to outline exactly what matched betting is and how it can reduce the “gambling” aspect of betting; so basically you can’t lose.

Matched betting is recognised as being one of the easiest methods for earning some extra income online and it can be done in your free time as much or as little as you want.

Matched betting is a method in which you take advantage of the sign-up offers from registered bookmakers. When signing up to new betting sites you will almost always be provided with free bets as an incentive for signing up in the first.

By using these free sign up offers you can bet on both outcomes of various sporting events so you cannot lose. By applying matched betting in this way it will require no initial investment and you can start to earn  profits very quickly.

Many bookmakers also provide regular offers to retain customers that can also be used for matched betting. On average from around 5 hours a week you can see returns of £300 per month which amounts to £15 per hour. Sound too good to be true? We know but thankfully for you and me it’s not.

As there is currently 70 registered bookmakers within the UK and hundreds more globally there is plenty opportunity to take advantage of the many sign up offers; some better than others.

The beauty of matched betting is that you don’t need to have any knowledge within the sports you are betting on to get involved. Profit Squirrel provides the relevant tools to teach you all you will need to know about matched betting and how it can boost your income at the end of every month.

What is Profit squirrel?

As you already know, profit squirrel is a matched betting platform that allows members to bet and earn money on sports predictions.

On the surface, profit squirrel offers just about everything other matched betting companies offer. But going a little deeper into their services and their mode of operation you’ll see that they are worth the hype.

That is if you are interested in a matched betting platform that offers money-back guarantees, as compensation for losing all your money after watching the tutorial clips on their platform. How cool is that?

Profit Squirrel makes the bold claim that it is “proven to make you money” which in fact is completely valid and you will be introduced to this concept within the first steps of the comprehensive video training provided with your membership.

As matched betting requires you to find the right deals Profit Squirrel go out of their way to ensure you are provided with the most lucrative deals every single day.

What Profit Squirrel offers for new sign-ups.

Here are 6 principal components of Profit squirrel services, to add value to your matched betting career.

  1. Profit Squirrel Academy: As a matched betting platform, Profit Squirrel is not looking to make a profit for itself alone, rather it is committed to helping it’s members become winners. To achieve this, Profit Squirrel offers comprehensive video and written tutorials to train new sign-ups about the basics of matched betting. Talk about getting value for your investment, Profit Squirrel provides these tutorials at zero cost.
  2. Profit Squirrel software: by purchasing their services, you automatically qualify for their matching software. This platform allows you to access and capture the most lucrative matches from anywhere around the globe. Profit squirrel claims that their software is a guaranteed to make you money. We may have no reason to doubt that claim, with the wealth of positive reviews on the internet about their software,
  3. On-click calculator: Profit Squirrel allows you to know your expected income on a bet before you stake your money on it. Don’t like math, don’t worry, the on-click calculator takes care of everything for you. Just select your preferred matches on their platform and leave the estimation to Profit squirrel.
  4. Profit Squirrel’s event calendar: If you are looking for a matched betting platform that will help you find the most lucrative deals every day, Profit squirrel offers such services. This event calendar tool will bring you the most lucrative opportunities in the matched betting world, weeks before the scheduled date of the matches. Thus, giving you enough time to prepare your betting strategy to win.
  5. Profit Tracker: The name gives it away already. This tool helps you track profit, so you don’t lose sight of your goals on the Profit squirrel platform.
  6. Community forum: If you have questions about matched betting, you’ll find valid answers on their members’ community support platform. Both old and new members are registered on this support forum. If you are experiencing any difficulty in your betting career, you can learn a few tricks from other experienced members in the forum.

These 6 components are what you’ll get when you sign up to the Profit squirrel platform. So what makes Profit Squirrel different from the bookmakers out there?

Profit Squirrel, unlike bookmakers that encourage you to gamble, outfits you with the necessary skill set and opportunity to earn money from betting in a way that removes the gambling aspect and guarantees returns on your investment. What’s not to love?

Pros of Profit squirrel

  1. Money-back guaranteed: Profit Squirrel is pretty confident about it’s money-making abilities and to show that their claims are true, they offer a 30-day profit guarantee to all new members. On top of that, Profit squirrel will give you additional £100, if after using their platform for 30 days you didn’t make a single profit. Of course, you’ll have to meet a few requirements to enjoy this offer.
  2. Tax-free income: Money earned on the Profit squirrel platform will not be taxed in the UK. So if you are looking for how to boostol your income without incurring heavy tax fines, you should consider signing up for Profit Squirrel’s matched betting software.
  3. Has high ratings and great reviews: On the TrustPilot website, Profit Squirrel has a 92% rating. This implies that people have a high regard for their quality services.
  4. Free tutorial videos: In recent times, Profit squirrel has been marketed on social media, especially Facebook, as a sports betting platform that is “proven to make you money”. They live up to this hype by providing a series of tutorial videos on matched betting to help their customers understand the tips and tricks of the trade. So that their customers, new or old, will have no reason to lose a bet.
  5. Provides profitable betting opportunities: When it comes to matched betting, your chances of winning, depend upon discovering lucrative deals to bet on. Profit squirrel knows this, so it brings you the most lucrative deals every day to make your betting experience even more successful for you.
  6. Provides all the required tools and more that you will need to maximise your profits.

Cons of Profit squirrel

  1. It is not for everyone: Profit Squirrel is a UK-based business, and so it’s services are only available to people living in the UK. But you can access it’s matched betting deals from anywhere in the World, after signing up for it’s services. Also, if you are not 18 years or above you won’t be allowed to make money on it’s platform.
  2. A possible ban by bookmakers: bookmakers and profit Squirrel have conflicting interests. So you may be flagged or banned on the bookmakers’ platforms if they discover that you are involved in matched betting. Considering this is the only real risk involved it really is a safe and reliable method for making some extra cash.
  3. Not very cheap: Profit Squirrel’s pricing is the only noteworthy disadvantage of it’s services. Typically, Profit Squirrel offers it’s membership at a whopping £24.99. However, with the tons of opportunities and the wealth of information that they provide for their members you get what you pay for and more.

How much money can you earn?

Before you dive into Profit Squirrel and give matched betting a go I’m sure you wondering how much money you can actually earn on the platform, right? Unfortunately the answer isn’t inherently simple.

How successful you are with matched betting and the tools provided from Profit Squirrel ultimately comes down to these factors:

  • What offers are available at the time
  • How much effort you are wiling to put in
  • How much you are willing to invest to begin with

Its unsurprising that how much you earn varies with the offers that are available at any given time. If betting sites are offering highly lucrative sign up offers then your returns will obviously be greater than days when small offers are offered. In this case it’s really just a bit of luck.

How much time and effort you are willing to commit to matched betting will also have a large impact on how much money you earn. Surely this isn’t surprising? The more time you commit the more profits you should make. That being said, there is only so many offers you can take advantage of per day.

Matched betting takes a little investment to begin with as most sign up offers require you to wager a small amount to receive free bets. If you have more money to invest to begin with then you can sign up and take advantage of more free bets so returns will be seen faster. As betting sites don’t pay out winnings for 2-5 working days it’s is recommended you have some extra funds available. It is more than possible to start match betting and earn your first profit with as little as £100.

Profit Squirrel suggests that you will be able to gain £500 in profits per month which is actually rather reasonable. This is not a set value though and you could earn substantially more or substantially less depending on the criteria discussed above.

Matched betting with profit squirrel is far from a method to replace your current income but think what you could do with an extra £500 per month that has no risk what so ever and requires nothing other than a little knowledge and effort?

To help show you exactly what members of profit squirrel are earning at this time here is some testimonial from trust pilot:

Profit Squirrel Testimonial

Profit Squirrel Testimonial

Profit Squirrel Testimonial

How much does Profit Squirrel Cost?

Profit Squirrel Pricing

Due to the returns you can earn with Profit Squirrel the membership prices are not unreasonable. With the option of a free membership you can get a real feel of the platform and even start to earn money with no investment into the platform at all. This is something i highly recommend you should do if you are considering giving matched betting ago to earn some extra money online. There really is nothing to lose.

To start earning profits and cover the cost of your membership you’re going to need to dedicate at least a few hours per week. There is cheaper matched betting platforms online but Profit Squirrel goes that little bit further in ensuring you earn profits every month.

So is Profit squirrel a scam

Judging from the tons from the testimonies and great reviews that we have read about Profit squirrel, we know for a fact that it is NOT a scam. It is a legally registered business and a great way of making tax-free income through matched betting.

If you are looking for a safer way to make money on sports betting, you should consider signing up for the Profit Squirrel’s software. It offers step-by-step tutorials to help you get started and a 30-day profit guarantee. So you have nothing to worry about.

Matched betting is a completely legal way of earning money online and is only really frowned upon by betting websites but that’s not surprising. If you liked to learn more on why matched betting is legal have a read at this post.

Profit Squirrel is definitely up there with the top matched betting websites and you will find everything you need inside.

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