Multi-level marketing became popular ever since people began wanting to get rid of their 9-5 daily jobs. The Millennial i.e newer generations, especially, are inclined towards financial freedom and diverse career opportunities.

Making money online is not an easy task. It is similar to setting up your own business and it takes time. You need to work hard and dedication to earn any profit.

MLM schemes enable aspiring marketers to earn their commissions by promoting and selling the products of a company and by employing new members. The commissions earned highly depend on the number of products sold and number of people you bring onto the programme.

MLM schemes are often labeled as scams. Most techniques of making money online are referred to as a scam and the people giving such comments would not have tried these methods or would have failed.

MLM schemes are not so different from pyramid schemes as they require you to add more affiliate marketers and customers under you. The companies also require you to sell their products as well as recruit more marketers which sets them apart from pyramid schemes.

With the internet being home to various scams and fraudulent companies you need to do your research before paying a penny and this is why I am here.

However, most MLM schemes are network marketing strategies and some of them are pyramid schemes. You need to steer clear from such schemes to avoid losing money and time.

With the internet being a house for all scams and fraudulent schemes, we need to look into any MLM before signing up. Vfinity is one such MLM company that sells health and wellness products. This article will include a full Vfinity review and also my number one recommendation for earning money online.

What is Vfinity?

Vfinity is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche that claims to provide top quality products that will help you lose weight and become fit.

There are numerous companies under this niche and claim to have the same ‘unique’ and ‘magical’ formula that will help you lose weight. However, no such company has been certified by the Food and Drug Association and they have no proof to support their claims.

This is one of the reasons why most MLM schemes are labeled as scams.

Vfinity was founded by Alex Eliashevsky in Naples, Florida. Their mission statement is as follows

Vfinity illuminates the clear path towards a fulfilling lifestyle with the infinite joys of better health, infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live life on your terms.


Vfinity Products

Vfinity has mainly three products –

This product is to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for weight loss and to control the diet and cravings.

This product is to detoxify your body while controlling your appetite and cravings. It has a high alkaline content.

  • ● V3 Max – Priced at $64.95

This product is used to provide your body with the necessary energy to burn fat and control the diet.

All these products have a mix of all supplements and have no evidence of weight loss or diet control. These products are priced higher than normal weight loss products available on Amazon and are even costlier than some premium products.

Vfinity Compensation Plan

They offer a 7-step compensation plan;

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Retail Profit
  3. Coded Bonus
  4. Group Commission
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus
  6. Unilevel Bonus
  7. Business Builder Pool Bonus Volume.

This 7-step compensation plan gives no further information about the compensation that can be earned. All it displays is various levels that you can achieve.

Most of the compensation steps are involved in recruiting people and less focused on selling the products. It is not easy to recruit people to sell the products and it is even more difficult to make a good amount of commission.

You need to hope to recruit more people and hope that they do well in their sales and recruit more people into the MLM scheme. If neither of you becomes successful in selling and recruiting then you will lose all your investment.

You sign up to become a Lifestyle Consultant to earn commission and you can add Preferred Customers who can purchase the products at wholesale rates. Preferred Customers can also be converted to Lifestyle Consultants.

To begin with, you need to purchase their starter kit which is $24.95 and this has just information. The cheapest starter pack that comes with products is priced at $229.95.

Feel free to read the full compensation plan if you want some more in-depth info or watch the video below.

Is Vfinity a scam?

The company only offers three highly-priced and over-hyped products that become difficult to sell. Nevertheless, you need to convince other people to buy these products.

With such products, selling and recruiting more people becomes impossible and you will potentially lose all your investment.

As a distributor or seller, you need to use various marketing strategies to convince your potential customers. You may even have to lie and cheat people to make actual sales. Some people who manage to sell the products earn their share quite well and the others earn nothing at all.

Due to a lack of sales, you might turn to your existing friends and family and annoy them to make a purchase. This will only undermine your relationships.

Many people join MLM schemes with the aim of making money but fail to remember that they need to sell the products to earn their commissions. Most companies also have a minimum requirement for commissions and some even cap commissions so you can make a limited amount only.

It is not advisable to sign up for such MLM schemes that sell products with no guarantee of working. There are multiple MLM schemes in this niche and all of them claim to be ‘effective’.

Although their products seem overpriced and over-hyped, they seem like a legitimate MLM company. However, we cannot ensure whether Vfinity is a scam as their products are not certified and seem useless.

It is normal for any MLM scheme to seem like a scam as the internet has become a home to various fraudulent schemes that feed off of people looking to make money. Various companies get shut down due to their fraudulent actions and so far Vfinity is still thriving.

Not everyone that signs up for an MLM scheme ends up with gold- many lose their investment, some make a small amount of profit and very few people earn a good amount of profit. As you can see, the earning potential is quite low even though you need to invest quite a bit.

Many MLM companies that have been proven as pyramid schemes have been shut down by the FTC. You need to avoid such companies and the only way you can do that is by researching before you sign up.

It is best to stay away from MLM schemes and invest in something more promising and worthwhile.

If you need a working method of earning a passive income online then check out the next section where I will talk about Wealthy Affiliates and how it will help you earn a good passive income.

My recommendation for earning money online

MLM schemes are a waste of time and money in my opinion. People hardly earn anything from such schemes and it is better not to sign up for them. This section will talk about my number one recommendation for earning money online.

Wealthy Affiliates(WA) is an affiliate marketing training platform that will guide you throughout the course, from setting up a website to generating traffic and much more. They have an active community that will solve all your doubts and issues no matter what hour of the day it is.

WA provides a free, monthly as well as yearly membership, where yearly memberships are worth paying for to secure savings. The premium membership costs $49 per month.

The free membership of WA contains quite a good amount of tools and features to get you started but the premium membership contains everything you will need for affiliate marketing. One of the main features under this membership is community support.

Affiliate marketing works when someone buys products from the link you provide and you earn commissions for it as well as you get paid for the ads on your website.

It is similar to any online business; it needs to gain momentum and attract more traffic to be able to start earning. To attract such traffic you need to be at the top of the Google search results page. The only way you can do this is by using Search Engine Optimization.

WA is not any scam or a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes time but you will begin earning. Your earning depends on how many people visit your website and purchase the products.

WA provides a keyword research tool Jaxxy that helps you find the right keywords to direct traffic to your website. You need to look for keywords that have lesser competition but still relevant to your topic to help you rank your website.

There are multiple hours for affiliate training material and upon that there are weekly webinars on relevant topics from top marketers that will help you improve your skills.

The highlight of this platform is the active community support provided by live chat systems and forums. You get to network with successful affiliate marketers and learn their tricks and techniques to make money.

WA also provides a web hosting service that charges around $3 dollars per website and has no limit on the number of websites you can host.

If any problem arises in the web hosting or on your website the tech support will help you solve the issue within a couple of minutes. You can also turn to community support in such cases but the tech support can resolve it faster.

Some may consider WA a scam as they provide the training at a low cost, but this platform itself is a huge affiliate marketing company. They have tools and platforms from other companies and make money from them. But these are the tools that will help you set up your affiliate marketing career and the rest is dependent on your hard work and dedication.

It is understandable why such a platform may seem like a scam, but there is no better method of making money online than WA. It can help you earn a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollars per month. As a student, this can help you pay off your student loans and other bills.

You may never have to work a 9-5 job, you can just fulfill your dreams and earn a passive four-figure salary.

Not all people that sign up for WA are guaranteed to make money as not everyone has the same mindset. Some may give up early and some may keep working hard until they earn some profit.

Some people sign up thinking it’s easy to make money this way and when they don’t see any quick improvements, they give up. You cannot expect quick results in affiliate marketing and that is the first thing to keep in mind when you sign up.

There are various platforms like Wealthy Affiliates that provide training in affiliate marketing but they are either too costly or not good enough. Other platforms may not have such good features and tools integrated with them.

If you ever need to make money online, you can sign up at Wealthy Affiliates, set up your blog and earn money as the traffic inflow occurs.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam, it’s just promoting another company’s products and earning a commission for it. With good SEO, your blog will appear higher and more often in the search results, directing more traffic and enabling higher chances of a click-through or purchase.

There are very few negative reviews about WA as I could hardly find any during my research. This was quite alarming and the platform seemed too good to be true. But this platform has helped me earn a passive income and pay my bills.





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