Hello and welcome to “Aitka” a website dedicated to helping aspiring and successful entrepreneurs make money online from the comfort of your home.

My Story

My name is Drew and I am a 22-year-old university graduate. I have spent four years studying at university working as a manager in a local supermarket constantly worrying about what the future will hold.

I first started looking into opportunities of how I could make money online about a year ago. The idea of securing a full time job where my working hours and salary was dictated by someone else has never appealed to me and I’m sure it doesn’t appeal to the majority of you as well, right?

No matter how hard you work your salary will stay near enough the same with very slow growth. Wouldn’t everyone like to work for themselves where your salary can increase with the effort you put in? Of course they would.

That’s where making money online comes into play. There are endless opportunities to work for yourself and make money online but the majority of the general public are just not aware of what is possible and how to get started and that’s where I come in.

Why I Want To Help People

There is a common misconception that making money online can be simple and all you need to do is find that secret “recipe” and you’ll be making millions overnight. Unfortunately this is far from the case. Building an online is business is just like building a “brick and mortar” business in the sense that it takes LOTS of time and effort to gain profits.

So why do I want to help people? Well I truly believe anyone can regain their freedom from the 9-5 and start to generate income from an online business with the correct guidance.

I will be posting about my experiences and things i have learned on this journey so we can learn how to make some serious cash online together.l

The Goal Of Aitka

The goal of Aitka is to provide thought-provoking guides, tutorials, how to’s and even reviews on software and applications that can help you on your way to online success.

Every article is extensively researched and written from my experience so you can build an online business that can one day generate passive income as you relax and watch the money pile in.

All the best,




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