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In this article i am going to be exploring the company of Unicity to provide you with valuable information surrounding this multi level marketing company.

Since you have found this page I am assuming you are looking to start working for Unicity or you are considering buying products from one of their employees. Am I right? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Unicity sell various products in the health and wellness niche from food supplements to speciality coffee with “valuable healing properties”. But do any of their products actually provide any benefits?

Within this Unicity review I am going to provide all the information you need for you to make the final decision if you want to work with this multi level marketing company or use any of their products.

Unicity Summary

Product Name: Unicity

Pricing: Products are priced high from around $20 to $120

Final Rating: 6/10

Would I Recommend?: No as I don’t believe MLM companies to be an effective way of making money online.

Summary: Unicity is a multilevel marketing company that seems to be operating successfully as it has been operating for ten years.

The products they recruit distributors to promote seem to be of reasonable quality but come with an exceptionally high price tag.

Compensation plans seem decent enough but the chances of becoming successful are still extremely slim like all MLM companies.

As always i believe there is far better ways to earn money online that are more profitable and sustainable but if you are really set about multi level marketing then Unicity seems like a decent enough company.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to this company and provide these articles for your educational only. All information found is written from thorough research into the company.  

What is Unicity?

Unicity International is a multi level marketing company founded in 2001 in the United States when two companies, Rexall and Enrich, merged together.

If you’re unsure what a multi level marketing company (MLM) is then i’ll give you a brief definition. An MLM is a company that recruits individuals to market their products and recruit more individuals.

All MLM companies offer commissions on the products you sell but also offer you varying commissions plan where you will earn money from recruiting more individuals where some will even pay you commissions on items your recruited members sell.

The two merging companies both had experience in the healthy living and herbal product markets. Enrich was founded in 1972 to create and market herbal products and Rexall Sundown founded in 1985 provided vitamins and personal care products to retail stores across the US.

These two companies were relatively successful before the merging to form Unicity both of which had plenty of experience in the industry.

Unicity went on to rank in the “top 200 privately-help businesses in the US” in 2008 so they must of been doing something right.

At this stage Unilever might seem like a great business with a healthy background. But i’m sure you’re not here to learn about the full company history so i’ll leave it at that.

Now lets get into what you’re really here for;

  • Can you make money with Unicity?
  • Do their products actually work?

Unicity Products

Unicity-Review-ProductsAs discussed previously Unicty sells various products in the health and fitness niche that are claimed to provide;

“Real results, real success. That is Unicity. Scientific formulations rigorously tested in the finest institutions, our products yield unequaled results in people’s lives”

Some pretty bold claims and you will definitely find similar on every similar MLM website even if their products are low quality.

So to help clarify these bold claims lets take a look at some of their core products to find out how good they actually are.

The wide range of products are are split into various categories that tailor for specific needs such as;

  • Skin Care
  • Weight Management
  • Bones and Joints
  • Detox
  • Health building
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Energy

So lets take a closer look into a few of the core products and see what people think about them and how well they actually work. The products we are going to take a look at are as follows;

  • Bios 7
  • Complete
  • Balance
  • Matcha

Bios 7


Bios 7 is produced to “contribute to your metabolic health”. The fiber matrix, prebiotic and antioxidants within this supplement are said to support digestion and “promote intestinal flora”.

This product comes with individual sachets that need to be mixed with water before consumption which will cost $109.00. Rather expensive I’d say so lets take a look into if it actually works.

When researching the Bios 7 supplement it seems that all research has stated that;


So it seems hard to clarify if any of the claims are actually 100% valid.

Within one research article it was noted that Americans consume less than half of their recommended fibre intake which this product will help combat. High daily fibre intake is correlated with an improvement in overall health.

So in that sense Bios 7 could benefit when used as a dietary supplement but do you want to pay the high price tag? Your fibre intake could be increased bu consuming fibre rich foods that are available for a fraction of the cost.

Various other benefits are also recorded in the referenced study on bios 7 which you can take a look for yourself.


Unicity Review - Complete Protein

There is three product various available in the “Complete” range that are all protein shake style drinks available which are also available in vegan variations.

These protein shakes will cost between $36 and $63 for 558g or 1100g. Once again these prices seem rather steep compared to other protein shakes on the market today but let’s continue. Whats so special about these Complete shakes?

The shakes will contain 18g of protein for the dairy version and 12g for the vegan option. They also come with various vitamin blends.

To be honest these protein blends look not too bad but they definitely come at a higher cost to similar protein blends on the market so they may be harder to sell for commissions when people can find very similar products for less.

Customer Reviews are also available on Amazon that seem to indicated that this protein blend is of high quality and generally people enjoy the taste and the results they see when using this shake as a meal replacement;


Is unicity a scam - balance product

Balance is another fibre drink that is said to offer wide benefits. This supplement costs $95 for 453g which once again seems rather steep.  The product is described as having the following benefits on their website;

“This vitamin-rich dietary fibre drink offers a whole range of benefits: If you drink Balance before a meal, the fibre it contains will help slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream and reduce the increase in glucose and insulin levels. This optimizes fat burning. You will feel full for longer whilst improving your digestion

Lets take a closer look at this and see if we can find any evidence to back up these claims.

In terms of scientific facts there is not much available online that backs up these claims so i would definitely take what they are saying here with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand though the reviews from customers seem to be fairly positive;

Final Product Verdict

Compared to a lot of MLM companies around today Unicity actually seem to sell some products that their customers believe in. It is very difficult to find exact scientific evidence of how much the products work but people are still recording benefits using their products.

One of the major issues is that the products available seem extremely over priced. So although this will see you earn higher commissions per sale you might struggle to sell products.

All in all Unicity products seem reasonable enough and from what i have read through research would definitely not class them as a scam.

Unicity Compensation Plan

Now lets dive deeper into this MLM company to evaluate how much money you could make, if any, by marketing and selling these products and recruiting new members.

As I mentioned before MLM companies offer distributors the opportunity to market and sell their products and recruit new distributors where you will earn commissions from both. Unicity describes this as;

“As an Independent Unicity Distributor, you are awarded and receive bonuses based on the amount of sales generated by you and your extended team. The most successful Unicity Distributors focus on expanding their Distributor base while adding to their Customer base over time. As in any business your success depends on the amount of product or services sold, used, and consumed through the business”

This definition is generally the same for all MLM companies and Unicity make it rather clear how you can earn money from them with this one statement. The only issue is, like all MLM schemes, they make this process sound far more simple than it actually is.

Unicity promote an environment where a “partnership” is promoted so both yourself and the company can benefit from selling products and working as a distributor. Due to this higher commission rates are paid than other MLM companies but the process is still not easy.

After watching the in-depth video on the compensation plan it seems that Unicity pay well for distributing their products and recruiting new individuals and provide a reasonable opportunity for earning money.

Feel free to read more of the full Unicity compensation plan or watch the video below.

Is Unicity a Scam?

The bottom line is Unicity is far from a scam. The majority of MLMs are not scams but some definitely brush a lot closer to them than Unicity.

Due to this companies long operating history it is clear that they do not operate under shady business practices and seem to operate a successful company with the help of their distributors.

Does that mean you are going to earn loads of money if you start working for them? NO!

Operating as a distributor for MLM companies is an extremely challenging job and the majority of individuals will be set to earn no money at all or lose money in the process.

This is due to the fact that quite often products are over priced which is shown in this case. Unlike other MLM’s Unicity benefits from having products that users seem to like and use so if you manage to gain customers they may come back for more.

MLM’s are also extremely hard to run as you quite often sell products to family and friends knowing fine well they can find cheaper alternatives elsewhere so it may seem somewhat unethical.

I always recommend for people to stay away form MLM companies as many operate under unethical terms and the chances of making money are extremely slim.

That being said, Unicity seems like one the better options i have come across but i still believe there to be far better options for making money online today so be very wary!

#1 Method for Making Money Online

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