Multi-level marketing schemes are quite popular amongst entrepreneurs and people who are looking to make money online. No one is interested in working a 9 to 5 job, and everyone wants to earn a passive income and fulfill their dreams.

There are various MLM companies available online, and they all claim to help you get rich. Various MLM companies are just a pyramid scheme in disguise, and there are some companies that are completely fake.

Such companies target and hire affiliate marketers who increase their sales as well as recruit more affiliate marketers. The affiliates are provided commission for their sales as well as new recruits.

Such online schemes mainly provide a passive income that is beneficial for college students as well as working adults to pay off their bills. However, not everyone that signs up for such schemes is guaranteed to make money.

MLM companies are also known as network marketing companies where people get to meet new people and sell to them or recruit them.

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing another company’s products and services and earning commission for every sale or purchase through the affiliate link. MLM schemes depend on affiliate marketing as well.

Making money online is just like handling any other business. You need to put in the time and hard work to earn some profit.

Origami Owl is an MLM company that enables you to buy and sell custom jewelry. It allows independent designers to earn a commission from their sales.

While most MLM schemes are in the health and wellness niche, Origami Owl is quite unique and offers a wide range of custom jewelry.

With increasing fraudulent schemes, one question comes to mind is Origami Owl a scam?

What is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl is an MLM jewelry product company founded in 2010 by a 14-year old Isabella Weems. The company expanded quickly and made millions in revenue within the first couple of years ever since they added more products and even introduced the multi-level marketing scheme.

The benefit of this MLM scheme is that people are given the opportunity to sell the company’s products and recruit more designers under them to be rewarded with money and various bonuses such as vouchers and commisions on any sales the recruited member makes.

To get started, you need to purchase a $149 starter pack that contains various training material. It comes with a guide and collection of products that you can promote.

Once you start selling the products, you can recruit new designers under you to start to gain commisions from their sales as well.

Origami Owl has an estimated average revenue of $3.9 million and 229 employees according to so they must be doing something right and at this point it would seem that Origami Owl can’t be a scam.

Origami Products

Origami has a wide range of custom jewelry from charms, lockets, chains to even rings, and earrings.


Charms cost $6 on the website, and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. There are various floral designs, insects, and bridal symbols as well.


Lockets are costlier and much better in quality than charms. They cost between $24 to $44.


Chains are simple and quite cheap. They can be as low as $12 and go up to $40.


The watches are expensive and cost more than $100, and they look decent and cool.


The necklaces are also similar to the chains. They are of the same quality and cost the same ($28 to $44).


The rings are also of good quality and cost between $40 to $48.
Apart from all these products, they also contain various collections such as bridal, harry potter, birthstones, and multiple inscriptions.

Origami Compensation Plan

MLM companies generally have complicated compensation plans. There are 8 different ranks which you move up by hitting certain goals that will help you to gain various bonuses. The rank of Executive Director is at the top where you need to sell 700 personal volumes and recruit 7 people below you who have to be level 7 or at least two of them have to be level 6.

The commission rate is provided as follows –

  • ● 50% for charms, plates, and dangles.
  • ● 30% for chains, tags, and lockets.

The residual commissions are where you can make the most money. It is the part where recruiting new designers pays off, and it is done in a uni-level structure.

Retail Profits

Retail profits can vary from 20% to 50% based on what you sell. These profits are earned as you sell Origami Owl’s products.

It also depends on the orders you place every month. You can provide wholesale rates, but you also run the risk of ordering more than you can sell.

Sponsor Bonus

It is a 6% to 10% commission earned for the sales your downline makes. To earn this commission, you need to be the rank of a senior designer, at least.

You earn more based on your sales as well as the sales of your recruits.

Rank Advancement Bonus

You can earn a one-time rank advancement bonus of $50 when you qualify as a Team-Leader.

Mentor Bonus

A mentor bonus is provided when recruits of your direct recruits make any purchase. You may earn between 3% to 7% in commission, and you need to be at least an executive designer.

Generational Bonus

If you ever achieve the rank of Director or above, you are entitled to this bonus. This bonus can pay 0.5% to 1% on two generations at the max.

It totally depends on the sales volume of the Director ranks and your direct recruits.

If you wish to learn more about the Origami Owl compensation plan you can view the full page.

Is Origami Owl a scam?

MLM schemes such as this generally have a low success rate, and Origami Owl is no different. The compensation plans are quite complicated, and you may never understand them.

You also want to join a program where you make a couple hundred or thousands per month and not just a couple of hundred dollars per year.

Being an affiliate marketer does not mean that you are a business partner. You will be in direct competition with other customers or affiliate marketers for recruiters.

If you are good at sales you can earn a good amount of profit; else you may have a hard time earning any money at all.

MLM schemes are often mistaken for pyramid schemes though they have some resemblance, they are also not illegal.

Joining Origami Owl will just be like any other sales job where you will not even get a minimum wage per day in the beginning. Before you join, you can maybe try their product personally and see if you can sell the products and if you believe in them.

Even if you are good at sales, you need to believe in the products that you sell.

If you join Origami Owl, you may turn to your friend and family for selling, and it may ruin your personal relations as well. You might even pester them to purchase some products, just so that you earn your commissions.

There are various designers and distributors who end up not making a minimum daily wage, and this is the harsh reality of MLM schemes. You may put in a lot of effort, but what is the point if you don’t earn enough money by the end of the month.

Origami Owl is, however, a member of The Direct Sellers Association and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated A+ so the company is DEFINITELY NOT A SCAM!

Their products are aimed at women, and it provides an opportunity for women to earn money via MLM schemes. Women can recruit more women that create even more opportunities.

However, there are quite a lot of complaints about low-quality products. They do address their complaints quickly. There are also various claims that Origami Owl has falsely advertised their products and made some huge false claims.

Every MLM scheme will claim to make you rich in a couple of months, and you may start dreaming of a financially independent life, but you may lose more money than you make.

They charge $49 for the base starter kit, and it goes up to $199. Each kit has an appropriate amount of jewelry and some extra valued products.

Origami Owl does not seem like a scam, as they operate within the laws, however, they should not be the go-to for making money online. Even though the company is not a scam, there is little or no opportunity to make enough profit.

I would not advise you to spend even a penny on Origami Owl. However, I do have an alternative for making money online, and it could be your source of income as well.

If you are still set on MLM and are looking for a slightly better company then have a read at my review on Unicity.

My Recommendation for making money online

In this section, I will talk about how I started to earn a couple of thousand dollars every month while I was in college.

MLM schemes are just a waste of time and money. Instead, you can sign up at Wealthy Affiliates(WA) that will guide you on how to become a top class affiliate marketer.


Affiliate marketing requires you to sell a company’s products or services and earn commissions for sales. That way, you direct the customers to the product.

WA is a platform that will train you to set up your blog from scratch and provide you all the necessary tools to keep the traffic flowing to your blog.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a yearly membership and even a free version. You can avail of the premium membership at $49, which is far cheaper than any other affilate marketing training platform online today.

The free membership also contains various tools and features. The live chat system is also available for free users so they can get their issues and doubts solved by other marketers.

WA is not a pyramid scheme or any MLM scheme. They guide you on how to make money via affiliate marketing, and it takes time. It may even take up to a couple of months or a year before your blog will help you earn a couple of hundred dollars.

Your blog is similar to any business; it needs to gain momentum to reap profits.

Not only do they provide multiple hours of training material, but they also conduct weekly webinars from top affiliate marketers that address certain topics and answer your questions.

They also have a massive community that you can access via a live chat setup so that you can easily network with your fellow affiliates and learn from them directly.

Once you set up your website, you can use Jaaxy, a keyword optimization tool that helps in SEO optimization that will ultimately direct more traffic to your website via google searches. This tool will help you find right ranking keywords with minimal competition.

You can also avail website hosting services for as low as $3 per website, and you can host an unlimited number of websites.

WA provides proper training compared to others at the rate. This seems quite alarming, but you need to remember that WA makes a lot of money, being an affiliate marketing platform themselves. They host various tools and features that they earn from and which is why they can provide such low training fees.

Other platforms charge a lot more than what WA does and might not offer such good features, tools, or support.

Customer service and support are great as well. They help you solve the issues and doubts within a couple of minutes.

Before you sign up for any money-making scheme online, you need to do your research. You need to find out the reviews and impressions personally.

You may even ask if WA is a scam. There are millions of people who have achieved success due to WA, and you can also do a simple google search to find out yourself.

As I said, many people have found success with WA and are earning thousands of dollars every month. You can also be one of them, and you can check out their benefits by simply signing up. However, you need to dedicate your time and hard work to be able to earn enough.

WA can help you earn a passive income that will help you achieve your dreams.

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