Morinda MLM Review - LogoUnsurprisingly people are always searching the internet for method for making a little extra money on the side. I don’t blame you I’ve been there myself!

This is all well and good but unfortunately the internet is full of companies looking to scam you out of your money, sell you a dream only for you to earn 0 money in the process.

Due to this ive taken on the task of reviewing companies online that will pop up when you are searching for methods for making extra money online. Today’s review is going to be on Morinda which is a multi level marketing company within the health niche.

In this Morinda MLM review i’ll provide you with all the information you need in terms of;

  • Background Information
  • The products Morinda sell and want you to promote
  • Compensation plan
  • Is Morina a scam?

So you can decide for yourself if you believe the MLM company of Morinda is a good place to earn some extra money.

Morinda Summary

Name: Morinda

Pricing: $35 dollars to start and then a further $120 + shipping for personal volume

Rating: 3/10

Would i Recommend: No!

Summary of product: Morinda is yet another MLM company in the health and wellness niche selling overpriced products with minimal evidence to back up their benefit claims.

It seems this company have had a successful background but the opportunity looks rather hopeful for me distributors looking to join the company.

Then chances of earning money with them is extremely low and their compensation plans seems overly confident.

That’s not to mention the products made from the “Noni Fruit” or “Vomit Fruit” as its commonly known as.

I would definitely avoid this company and give affiliate marketing a go if you are serious about starting a new business.


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to this company and provide these articles for your educational only. All information is written following thorough research into the company.  

What is Morinda?

As I touched on previously Morinda is yet another multi level marketing (MLM) company within the health and fitness niche. MLM companies work by recruiting you as a distributor where you market there (usually overpriced) products for commissions of every sale.

For a company to be classed as a MLM you must also have the opportunity to recruit other distributors where you will earn commissions from sales that they also make.

The internet really is flooded with health and fitness MLM companies today and very few people who work for them will become success but you never know Morinda might be the exception so lets continue.

Morinda is based in Utah in 1996 and has manufacturing facilities accross the world in Tahiti, Japan, Germany and also within Utah.

They must at least be doing something right to still be operating after over 14 years.

Morinda produced products made from the “noni” plant which comes from a fruit bearing tree in the coffee family.

Noni fruit is nicknamed “vomit fruit” due to its pungent smell so i wouldn’t believe the product to taste very nice which could make it extremely hard to sell. I’ll take a closer look at this when we investigate the products.

Morinda was acquired by the New Age Beverages Corporation in late 2018 to create the 40th largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the world with a net revenue of $300 million. Rather impressive.

This merger marked a change in branding for Morinda which now operates under the name “Noni by New Age”.

At one point Morinda had upwards of 160,000 individual distributors and over 700 associates in 60 countries so there definitely is success in many areas within the company.

But i’m sure your not here to find out all about the background of the company and only really care if you can make money or not so let’s get into that!

Morinda Products

Morinda MLM Review - ProductsWhen distributing for MLM companies a massive influence on success will come from the products that are available for you to distribute.

If products are expensive, don’t hold up against claims made by the company or, in the case of consumables, don’t taste nice then you will have a hard time selling them and earning any commissions.

So let’s take a look at the “Noni Fruit” products offered by Morinda or Noni by New Age.

All products on the website except one are marketed as “Tahitian Noni” which range from £10 for a tub of body butter up to £46 for Morinda Core Max which is a Noni fruit based drink. produced a post in 2006 which believes that all companies marketing Noni products are making “outrageous health claims with little evidence”.

This could definitely be the case considering all these claims are not backed by the Federal Trade Commission (similar to most MLM companies) and most other companies selling Noni fruit products have been shut down.

Be very wary of Morinda and their products!

I’ll take a look at the following products to see if they are worth the money and see if we can find more information on the bold health benefits written within the product descriptions;

  • Morinda Core Max
  • Glucosamine Noni Concentrate
  • Tahitian Noni Juice

Mordina Core Max

Core Max costs £46 for a 750ml bottle where it is recommended you should drink 30ml twice a day so it’ll cost you nearly £4 per day so you’d like to think the benefits are pretty good.

The main selling point seems to be focused on the fact “120mg of iridoids” are delivered per 60ml. Iridoids are said to be powerful phytonutrients produced by plants as a self defence mechanism.

Definitely sounds interesting but will this actually bring you any benefits?

From a bit of research it seems that iridoids can act as an anti-inflammatory the research seems sparse and the extent of the benefits is not clear.

So this drink could potentially provide slight benefits but is it worth the steep price of £46 per bottle.

It proved a struggle to find a specific review from anyone claiming any benefits from drinking core max or even any comments on the taste but due to the noni fruit being know to have a pungent smell and horrible taste I can’t imagine it being very pleasant to consume.

Glucosamine Noni Concentrate

This product costs £14.50 and is said to be the “only food supplement formulated in a base of concentrated Noni Original Juice enhanced with the addition of Glucosamine”.

They have provided information on Glucosamine saying that is produced by the human body and forms part of the connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

There is no information on the potential benefits which makes me thinks that there must be none.

Also under serving size it is noted as “TBD” or “to be decided” which definitely doesn’t fill me with much hope.

Chances are this product doesn’t provide any benefits and is very much a gimmick.

Tahitian Noni Juice

Tahitian Noni Juice

This juice made from the Noni fruit can be purchased for £37 for a 1l bottle and it is recommended to drink 30ml of the juice twice per day. The juice is claimed to;

“protect cells from oxidative damage, contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the normal formation of connective tissue”

To try and clarify these claims I found a study on “potenital health benefits of noni juice” where the results were not too bad at all. It was noted that noni juice actually does have noticeable antioxidant activity. Or at least more than normal fruit juices that were used to compare during the trial.

It was also noted that joint pain was reduced slightly as a result and immune activity increased slightly.

So according to this study noni juice seems to hold up to these claims. However, this is only the information found within once study and results may vary from other sources.

The bottom line is that the high price tag and not very pleasant taste will outweigh the benefits available.

Morinda Compensation Plan

Considering the products at Morinda don’t seem great at all you’d like to hope that there compensations plans are great to try and make up for small sales volume due to under par products so lets take a look.

At first glance the Morinda compensation plan seems extremely complicated which may be a major issue if you are looking to join the company.

It will cost you $35 to join and then a further $120 + shipping each month to fulfill your personal volume purchase.

To avoid boring you too much i will keep this section brief and you can read the full plan here or watch the video below if you would like to find out more.

The commissions structure follows the general structure below where you will see 20% commissions for personal enrolled customers 5% for 2nd to 4th generation customers and then 10% for 5th generation customers.

There are 12 different ranks you can progress through at Morinda and you progress through each by hitting goals such as group sales downline.

The only issue is that is extremely hard to progress at all so hitting any of these next levels for increased bonuses is extremely unlikely. This is not just the case with this company but most if not all other MLM companies.

It is extremely challenging to decipher this compensation plan and tell you exactly what you will earn but it doesn’t seem too far away from any other MLM scheme.

The bottom line is;

  • Commissions are low
  • Success Rate is low
  • Products will be hard to sell

Is Morinda a Scam?

No Morinda is not really a scam and doesn’t intentionally try to part you with your money for no returns at all.

That being said Morinda is another below par MLM company with expensive and hard to sell products with low compensation plans.

Like all other MLM companies it is extremely hard to earn any money at all and around 80% of people will fail to make any substantial profits with a lot of people actually losing money in the process.

Like i have always said i would definitely recommend avoiding and staying away for MLM companies and Morinda is no different.

Many people find that selling overpriced and products with very few benefits to friends and family seems awkward and unethical so generally give up as they have no contact to any other customers.

#1 Method for Making Money Online

Luckily it’s not all grim online and there is genuine methods for making some extra cash online and quite a lot of it.

For anyone looking to build a long term and successful business and is willing to work for success Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to go.

By creating a website and writing posts on a topic you are passionate about and enjoy with a few affiliate links you could start to see some extra income every month.

Unlike MLM schemes affiliate marketing has;

  • Very little start up costs
  • You can promote hundred of thousand of products through thousand of affiliate schemes (including amazon)
  • You can start with only a few hours a week
  • You can write about and promote products you love

Affiliate marketing really is an exceptional opportunity compared to MLM companies and i believe EVERYONE who has tried both will tell you the same.

If you are interested then id definitely take a look at Wealthy Affiliate the worlds best affiliate marketing training platform where you can join for free and give it a go. You really do have nothing to lose!

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