Starting a blog can be a daunting experience for any beginner and I’ve definitely been there myself. The worry of wasting your time and not becoming successful is a common problem for all you beginners and for good reason. No one likes to be associated with failure.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. There is masses of content online today that can set you in your way to becoming a successful blog writer and opening up the potential to actually earn some serious money but where does this journey all start? The about me page.

The about me page on your blog will be the first post you will write and is used to really set the tone for your readers and help build trust to keep them coming back for more of your quality content.

Creating your about me is the first of many hurdles and as it is your first piece of content it can be difficult to know where to start and unfortunately it shouldn’t be as easy as writing a quick bio and slapping a picture of yourself on it.

But don’t worry I’ve got you covered and ill be showing you how to write an about me page for a blog that will inspire your readers and keep them coming back in simple and easy steps.

Step 1 – Choose the title

Unsurprisingly the first step to creating your about me page is to choose a suitable title. There are many variations you can opt for here that include;

  • About Us
  • About Me
  • About (Your Name)
  • About (Site Name)

Which one do you think will be best? Well to be honest you can choose whichever one you like but personally I would opt for “About (Your Name)” as this is the most personal and will help create the most trust from the off set.

Trust really is crucially important in creating a successful blog. Trust will keep people coming back to your website and also help improve engagement rates for example writing comments and signing up for your offers.

Using the more personal title helps show people that you are a real person and gives the indication that you are there to help them in whatever niche your blog is situated in, helping your readers should be the main focus for all blogs or why would people come back to read more?

Step 2 – Short welcome to your site

The next step to creating an exceptional about me page is to write a short introduction and welcome your viewers to your site.

This is another method in building trust with your new viewers and if someone feels welcome and involved they will be more inclined to read on. This really isn’t difficult stuff.

It’s always good to include a brief explanation of what your site is about to help set the tone for your blog and brand.

For example my about me on this blog is “Hello and welcome to “Aitka” a website dedicated to helping aspiring and successful entrepreneurs make money online from the comfort of your home.”

It really is that simple.

Step 3 – Tell your story

A creative way to captivate your viewers from the off set is to tell them a story.

This section can be called something as simple as “My Story”, but feel free to be more creative if you like, and in here you should be telling people about your background and why you are qualified to help people within your niche.

This gives viewers the chance to relate to you and let them know they are in the right place to find solutions to there problems and valid information surrounding your niche.

This is also a good place to show your viewers that you are a real honest person and your intentions are good in that you genuinely want to provide value.

This might sound obvious but you need to be honest.

Getting viewers to your site is great but if you sound like a robot all the content in the world isn’t going to make people trust and believe in you.

That being said, keep it relevant, your about me isn’t an autobiography and your viewers aren’t interested in your full life story so don’t turn them away by providing them with it.

Keep it short and only include the story of who you are with relevance to your blog and chosen niche. For example tell them what led you to start this blog or if your blog is in a hobby niche such as fishing tell them why you started fishing and your experiences over the years that brought you to start a blog.

Although you are telling your story your about me page should actually be written in a way that makes your viewers feel you are writing for them and not yourself. Think about your audience and talk to them, keep your tone conversational.

Step 5 – Why do want to help people?

Letting people know why you want to help them is extremely important. Yes I understand you may be starting a blog as a means of making money but that is a bonus and not what blogging should be all about.

You need to let people know why you want to help them and convey yourself as a valuable and interesting source of content.

This section should be all about the value you provide, if the reader isn’t going to gain anything from reading your content or you just haven’t told them why you want to help them why would they read on? The truth is they won’t.

Make sure you are inherently clear on what makes your blog useful to your readers.

You should also let viewers know what makes your content credible. For example talk about big names that have mentioned your content or other known websites have used your content or linked to your content.

Don’t worry if you are completely new and don’t have any of this you can still tell people how many years of experience you have had in the given niche or even just let viewers know that you are still learning and give them the opportunity to learn with you. As said before be HONEST.

Step 5 – What is the goal of your site?

This might seem completely obvious but you’ll be surprised at the amount of people that tend to leave this out. Write a small section on the goal of your website which should always be focused on helping your readers.

I hope you are starting to notice a trend of making it very clear that you are here to help the readers and build trust.

In other words why should people care? Attention span today is extremely short with all the distracting technology we have so be concise and straight to point and tell them exactly what the goal of your site is and why they should stick around to read some more of your content.

It’s all well and good getting first time visitors to your site but if you are in it for the long run to create a sustainable blog you must keep people coming back.

In this section you should also include exactly who your site is aimed at. When people visit your about page you want people to be certain if you website is something that will bring value to them personally. This will allow you to quickly connect to with your readers.

Yes of course some people may read this and think your set is not for them but who cares? You are looking to attract the right people not everyone.

Additional tips

It doesn’t need to be perfect

A common mistake beginners make is treating their about me page like an essay or assignment it’s not! As this will be your first post on your website you’ve most likely not fully grasped the skill of writing captivating content which is fine we all need to start somewhere but you should always write like you would talk to your friends and keep the vocabulary basic. Remember there is real people at the other side reading.

Just start writing

It can be a real struggle to get ideas flowing with so much information flowing through your head but as hard as it to ignore all the worrying thoughts of not being able to write your about me just start writing.

Honestly, it might seem daft but put all the negative thoughts out of your head and get some words down and I can guarantee you will be surprised with what you produce.

A first draft will give you something to work with so don’t worry about getting it anywhere near perfect the first time. In fact it never really needs to be absolutly perfect, barely anything is.

Break up the wall of text

Another common mistake people make is writing their about me page in one long paragraph. Simply don’t do this, it makes it far harder for people and can even turn people away before they even read anything. As bloggers this is the last thing we want. Split your sections into small sections and add relevant headings to make your content scannable. This is relevant to all content you write and don’t underestimate the power of leaving a lot of white space.

Add a face to the words

It is also a good idea to add a picture of yourself to help build trust as people relate to faces and it will help build trust if they can see the person behind the wall of words. If you are too shy to put a picture of yourself on your website then don’t worry you could use illustrations or caricatures.

Provide contact details

This might seem obvious but include an email or contact details so people know you are there for them if you have any questions. This will also encourage people to interact with you and help you build a following of users. Adding contact details is also another way you can show that their is a real person behind all the words. Once again TRUST is key.

Sell yourself

I know it’s cringe worthy to talk about yourself but to write a great about me page you’re going to have to unfortunately. Sell yourself, no one else will. Make sure people are certain you are the right person to provide them with solutions to their problems as long as you are not filling people with lies.

Encourage Engagement

Its extremely beneficial to write a short closing sentence along the lines of “If you ever need help with anything let me know in comments” this encourages engagement and shows that you are genuinely there to help people. New viewers seeing you interacting with comments on your about page should instantly give them a positive signal about your website and it might just make them stick around longer or even ask a question themselves.

Include a call to action

One thing a lot of about me pages is a “Call to action” section. What exactly is this? Well a call to action can be giving them the option to sign up to your newsletter or maybe even for a free guide or Ebook you are offering. It could also even be links to other sections of your website where viewers can go and read more content.

Why is this important? Its important to give readers the chance to become more involved in your brand and blog.

Final Words

I’m sure you can now see how to write an about me page for a blog and that it really isn’t difficult at all if you follow these simple steps. Your about me page does not need to be a wall of text, in fact it definitely shouldn’t be, keep it short concise and straight to the point but feel free to be as creative as you like as long as stick to these 5 steps. By writing an about me post in this format you can captivate readers while telling them all about yourself and your business and hopefully keep them coming back for years to come.

If you would like to see an example you can check out my about me page for some more guidance.


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